GIPF tournaments

Tournament organization

There is no limit for the number of players in a tournament. A tournament is played with tournament rules in eliminating games like in tennis tournaments. There is a complete draw without seeds. Each round has a maximum duration of 2 months.

At that time any unfinished matches will be decided by the two following criteria:

  1. Time criterion: if the difference of overall time used to play by the 2 players is higher than 5 days, the slowest player loses.
  2. Game state criterion: the victory could be effective if it is obvious on the following moves, or if there is a significant gap of captured pieces (3 pieces in the beginning and the middle of the game, and maybe 2 at the end). If it is not obvious, or if the main championship organizer is concerned (alesk), one or several other judges could be consulted (Piano).

Tournaments frequency

This kind of tournament allow to play only one game, that is not a lot, so a new tournament will begin when the first round of the current tournament end. Indeed, a new tournament begin each 2 months, and several tournaments run at the same time. The players shall register for each tournament they want to play.

Register for the next tournament

To register for the next GIPF tournament, post a message in the Gipf tournament register topic on the Boîte à Jeux forum saying that you want to participate. Do not hesitate to say if you want to be automatically registered for all the next tournaments. By default, you are registered only for the next tournament.